Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sicilian Pizza Cafe

So, to make up for a couple weeks ago, we headed out to Sicilian Pizza Cafe, located on EAST Memorial and Lincoln. We instantly knew we had found a place we'd be comfortable hanging out as all the walls were decorated with posters of soccer players. The one person running the place on the lonely Sunday evening was the owner’s son, and he was personable and very accommodating.

So, what happens when you find a stranger in the alps?  How was Sicilian Pizza Cafe?

The Cheese Pizza
The cheese pizza on the thin crust is a thing of beauty. We'd even say it's one of the best balanced pizzas we've had. All that to say, it's not our favorite pizza. Like a Grecian urn, its form is a work of art, and on a technical level, perfect, but it's missing a certain . . .  something. The crust had a super-crisp exterior with a dense, bready interior. Tensile strength wise, it was a little weak, which is to be expected with a crust so thin. The sauce was savory, which was a nice surprise, as most places we have visited tended to lean more towards the sweet style.  The combination of the hearty crust and savory sauce worked incredibly well, especially when topped with the light mozzarella cheese. The cheese, like the rug from the Big Lebowski, really tied it all together. This was an uncomplicated pizza, but its simple pleasures stole the show.

The Pepperoni Pizza
This time we ordered the thick crust, which was incredibly thick - standing at over an inch and a half tall. We figured with the thin crust being so dense, that the thick crust would be overwhelming, but to our surprise under the crispy exterior, lain a flaky, almost biscuit like interior. The sauce worked equally as well with the thick as the thin. We were slightly disappointed by the small amount of cheese on the pepperoni pizza, as it would have helped balance out the almost buttermilk sourness from the crust. The pepperoni brought a slight amount of heat, flavor, and grease to the plate. Overall, the crust hogged all of the attention on this pizza, but it still ended up working out quiet well.

The All Meat Pizza 
Topped with hamburger, sausage, Canadian bacon, and pepperoni, the all meat was a little over the top, especially on the Sicilian style crust. Individually all the meats were tasty and low on grease, but all together they overwhelmed the perfect balance found in the cheese pizza. The toppings blended well together, each contributing something different to the pizza.  None of the meats overpowered each other, like most all meat pizza's do (we're talking to you, Canadian bacon). Each meat was distinguishable from the next, yet at any moment, you could pick out what was in the last bite. If we could do it again, we'd love to try the all meat on the thick crust, which with all that meat and bread, would probably fill us up after two slices.

It's easy to understand how Sicilian Pizza Cafe could be around for more than 20 years. We look forward to the Herculean task of demolishing a thick crust all meat, but had better train before we make the attempt.

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