Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pizza House

First, we'd like to say thanks to Colin at 365 Things to Do in OKC for the bump. 365 Things to Do in OKC is a daily list of odd and fun things that are going on in and around the metro area. If you're on facebook, you should check it out. And as a small token of thanks, we're reviewing a place that Colin introduced Ryan to back in the day. Thanks again, Colin.

Let's get down to business. 

After all that tomfoolery on Thursday we decided to get back to our usual business, and so we trekked over to Pizza House on 2520 N. Pennsylvania. We ordered out, since our base of operations exists in a no-man's-land for pizza deliveries, but we could have stayed in and maybe even enjoyed a game of pool.

It's business time!

The Five Cheese Pizza
Pizza House offers one type of crust, a thick, hearty, bready crust. The sauce was a background player in the pizza, doing its part and then fading into the background. It took a bit of effort to determine if it was a sweet or a savory sauce. Sorry, we'd rather you figure that out on your own. The five cheese blend is composed of mozzarella, provolone, Cheddar, feta, and Parmesan cheese, and it was quite tasty. We are really enjoying the move towards including feta on pizzas, as it brings a sharp tang that harmonizes nicely with the mellowness of mozzarella. Overall, the balance between the different elements was nigh perfect. The five cheese pizza was quickly demolished, and was hands down the crowd favorite. 

The Pepperoni Pizza
Built on the same foundation as the cheese pizza, the pepperoni pizza is just topped with mozzarella. We weren't sure if they were skimping on us, or if we were just spoiled by the Five Cheese pizza, but there was way less mozzarella than we were expecting (we were probably just spoiled). The pepperoni was well spiced without being too spicy. Some might even call the pepperoni "robust." Additionally, the pepperoni was the least greasy we've had in several weeks. As far as quantity goes, Pizza House was generous with their pepperoni, but not the point where it overpowered the rest of the pizza.

The Sicilian Pizza
 Composed of feta, Parmesan, black olives, fresh garlic, roasted bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella, the Sicilian Pizza is sort of devious. It hides the roasted bell peppers under the cheese, which took our non-vegetable-eating pizza taster by surprise. The sun-dried tomatoes were good quality, but massive. Some chunks were even larger than cherry tomatoes. The fresh garlic was cut into large slices, but was small on flavor. The olives, for once, did not overwhelm the rest of the toppings, and brought a nice flavor to the pizza. All the separate elements were great, but the cooks at Pizza House would do well to fine-tune the sizes and portions of the multitude of different ingredients.

Random Aside
There’s one point we’d like to bring up that’s more a comment on how we’re getting old rather than anything else. When Ryan first went to Pizza House, a medium pizza was $5. Now, a large is in the neighborhood of $13. We were slightly taken aback by that, but then we got distracted by some young punks walking on our grass and started yelling at them to get off our lawn.

Overall, Pizza House is a great middle of the road pizza place. Everything about their pizza is good, but nothing stands out as exemplary. The one serious complaint we could raise against Pizza House is that there was over an inch and a half to two and a half inches of unused crust around the pizzas. A single inch would have been enough, but after two and half inches of plain crush, you start to feel like you've been cheated out of pizza and been stuck with bread. All things considered, this is a minor quibble and we'd be more than happy to return to Pizza House anytime.

Update: Pizza House offers one of the better pizzas that can be eaten cold. Reheated, on the other hand, things are a bit off, sad to say.

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  1. I always get pizza every lunch and I'm enjoying it. Anywhere around you can search for a good food with different specialty of taste and you will get used to it. Happy eating everyone :)

    Xahnn from Professor Jobs