Thursday, April 22, 2010

Danny B's Redux

So our plans tonight were to try a place called Sicilian Pizza Café, but we ended up with bad information regarding its location (turns out it can be found at N. Lincoln and EAST Memorial). Being technophobes and unwilling to call for help, we tried to swing by Café 7, over on N. May and W. Memorial. But it closes at three on Sundays. We here at New World Pizza don't just offer pizza reviews, but also morality tales. We almost expected J. Walter Weatherman to pop up and lose his arm while exclaiming "This is what happens when you don't do your research!" Fed up and starving, we decided to swing by Danny B's again, to further explore their menu.
The Cheese Pizza

Since we've been to Danny B's before, we wanted to try new things while keeping our system in place. So this time we went with their garlic pesto sauce on the cheese pizza. We've had jalapeno pesto and horseradish pesto (not on pizzas) before, so we were interested in trying this "garlic pesto" out. Turns out it's not much of a pesto but is just the standard garlic and olive oil glaze. This particular combination was somewhat disappointing, simply for the fact that it was just cheese bread disguised as a pizza. The addition of some sort of tomato product (possibly sun dried?) would have brought balance to this force. By no means was it bad, just not what we expected. But in our disappointment, we realized that Danny B's cheese has gotten better. Much better. It's still not the best, but it's substantially better than the last time we visited.
The Pepperoni Pizza

We loved the deep dish with sweet garlic sauce from our last visit so much that we broke down and ordered it again, but due to some misommunication, what was supposed to be a thick crust pizza ended up coming out on their hand tossed crust. The thing we love most about Danny B's is their crust (it sure ain't their location) and we would have liked to try the thick crust again, but so it goes. The sweet garlic sauce was spread a bit thinner than it was on the thick crust, which left us wanting more. The thinner crust didn't seem to maintain the sweetness it's thicker counterpart enjoys. There was something to the combo of thick crust and sweet sauce that just hit the spot.  Not to say that the crust was not enjoyable, the thick crust just pairs perfectly with the sweet sauce. The pepperoni was nice, with a fairly good flavor:grease ratio. And once again, we noticed the improved quality of cheese.

The Ryan (not really)
The Ryan was composed of Danny B's spicy pizza sauce, Italian sausage, (a fancy type the we forgot) mushrooms, and cream cheese.  When we had browsed through the menu on our first visit, we spied the spicy sauce and were intrigued, vowing on the lives of our unborn children that we would have to try it the next time. Well, we did. The spicy sauce delivers on the promise of heat, but ends up sacrificing it's flavor to that end. Other than the heat, it had very little impact on the pizza. And to be honest, the combination of that heat with the sweet crust was a little odd. But everything was made right with the world when the cream cheese got in on the action. The cream cheese provided the perfect balance to the heat and sweet, though not perfectly distributed. Last time we got a pizza with plain sausage on it, and were surprised when it came out as thick slices of real sausage. We were hoping for more of the same with the Italian sausages, but instead we got the little rabbit-pellet sausage bits. The mushrooms were a fantastic addition, and added another great dimension to the pizza. We highly recommenced you play around with the spicy sauce/cream cheese combo if you make it out to Danny B's.

The Cinnamon Rolls
To say that the cinnamon rolls that Danny B's serves stole the show would be a disservice to the wonderful pizza they made, but, really, the cinnamon rolls stole the show. Made up of what we assume to be the same dough as the pizza, and then perfectly topped with the perfect amount of buttery icing and plenty of cinnamon, the rolls are worth the trip out to Danny B's alone. Seriously. Make the trip. You won't be disappointed. Go now.

Again, Danny B's is a great little place in the middle of nowhere. It's definitely worth the trip, and we'll keep a close eye on Danny B's to see how they continue to refine their pizza.

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  1. you suck. you dont even know what you are talking about. how can you review anything you dont even know what they really look ignorant. true danny b's fans know the truth. by the way, the location is perfect for alot of people like me where no one else will deliver, danny b's will. the best pizza in okc!