Monday, June 28, 2010

Dan's Pizza

To our faithful readers, you may have noticed that we have posted pretty much weekly since the inception of this blog. You may also have noticed that for the past two weeks we have posted nothing. Why? We accidentally went on an Odyssey. In the last two weeks we survived eight rounds of International Bear Fighting, a great flood, hours and hours of being pestered by radio personalities, at one point we thought Ryan had been turned into a toad (he got better), and sought a great fortune, which led us down a road of great peril, which eventually led us to our salvation: Pizza.

We here at New World Pizza pride ourselves on being Dapper Dan men. We drink Jack Daniels, we read Dan Slott comics, and we’ve even watched every Dan Aykroyd movie (yes, including Crossroads). This week, we ate at Dan’s Pizza, located at 121 W Waterloo Rd. Ste. 13 in Edmond.

Was the journey worth it?

The Cheese
Typically, we’ve come out against or been unimpressed by pizzas that are thin crusted, use corn meal as a release agent, have a single cheese “blend,” and have a herb free sauce. Now it’s time to eat our words. Dan’s pizzas are built upon a thin crust, but their thin crust is nigh-perfect. Like Walt Whitman in Song of Myself, the pizza crust contradicts itself. The bottom is soft and flexible, perfect for folding and eating New York style. But the handle part of the crust provided ample support and a crunchy texture that, when coated with the garlic glaze and sprinkled herbs, provides a perfect counter balance to itself. So, yes, it contradicts itself, but it is large, it can feed multitudes. On to the sauce. The sauce, as previously mentioned, had no flavor enhancing herbage. Yet it seemed to pack a large flavor underneath all the cheese, penetrating all receptors for the tangy, true essence of tomato. The cheese itself was bona fide, being gooey without having any sort of slide problems. And finally there was a gentle sprinkling of herbage to finish the pizza off.

The Pepperoni
For this review, reread the Cheese pizza review, and after the bit about the cheese add in “The pepperoni was mild, with a minimum of heat without being weak on flavor. It was a tad bit greasy, but we’re more than happy to clog our arteries when it tastes this good.” Now continue reading with “And finally . . . ” (We know we’re being lazy, but we figured you’d be able to tell if we just copied and pasted. Doing it like this makes it interactive, we swear.).

The Philly Cheese Steak
Taking the glorious foundation of the cheese pizza, this one has the very simple addition of thin bits of steak and onions. The onion was cooked perfectly, and was actually mainly an aromatic addition. The steak bits were in tasty little clumps, and even with the tomato sauce, herbs, and cheese, they managed to stand out. All in all, this was the weakest of the three pizzas. But that’s more because of how good the other two were. If there had been something else on this pizza, like green peppers or a different cheese or, heck, even jalapenos, it would be a different story. In this instance, the simplicity of the pizza, for once, was a detriment.

Dan’s Pizza, for most Okc readers, is out in the middle of nowhere. But it is worth the drive. For our money, it is the best New York style pizza in town (even if that town in North Edmond).

Now that our Odyssey is done, our adventuring days are over. But don’t worry, next week we’ll return to our regular posting schedule. As always, your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. The "cornmeal" dusting for release is not actually cornmeal. It's a gluten rich flour called Semolina. Often when you see this granule like yellowish flour on the crust it is likely also an ingredient in the dough as well. Semolina provides a chewier texture and a more stretchable. dough.